Thursday, July 31, 2008


Jurand sat for a while with his head between his hands; but finally he awakened as from a dream, and said with sadness and grief:

"I like you, young man, but I cannot give her to you; she is not destined for you, my poor boy."

Hearing this Zbyszko lost his speech and looked at Jurand with wide open eyes.

But Danusia came to his help. Zbyszko was dear to her, and she was pleased to be considered "a grown-up girl." She also liked the treatment she received from the knight; so when she realized that she was likely to lose all this, she slipped down from the armchair and said to her father:

"Daddy, Daddy! I am going to cry!" He put his hand softly on her head, while from his face disappeared all trace of deadly grudge and anger; only sadness remained.

In the meantime Zbyszko recovered his composure, and now said:

"How is it? Do you wish to oppose God's will?"

To this Jurand replied:

"If it is God's will, then you will get her; but I cannot give you my consent. I would be glad to do it, but I cannot."

Having said this, he arose, took Danusia in his arms, and went toward the door. When Zbyszko tried to stop him, he stopped for a moment and said:

"I will not be angry with you if you render her knightly services; but do not ask me any questions, because I cannot tell you anything."

And he went out.

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