Tuesday, July 22, 2008


But the other knights began to contradict Zyndram. "The Knights of the Cross have no fear of God, and they seek only their own advantage, but they wouldn’t help the pagans against Christians. Besides, Tymur is warring somewhere in Asia, and Tatar’s commander, Edyga, lost so many people in the battle, that the victory scared him. Duke Witold is a smart man, so you may be sure that he took precautions; and even if this time the Lithuanians were not successful, it is not a new thing for them to defeat Tatars."

"Not with Tatars but with Germans we have to fight for life and death" said Zyndram of Maszkow, "and if we do not crush them, our peril will come from them."

Then he turned to Zbyszko:

"And Masovia will be first. So, do not be afraid, you will always find plenty to do there!"

"If my uncle were well, I would go there immediately."

"God help you!" said Powala, raising a glass.

"Yours and Danusia's health!"

"To the destruction of Germans!" added Zyndram of Maszkow.

Then they began to say farewell to him. At that moment one of the duchess' courtiers entered with a falcon on his arm and after bowing to the knights he turned toward Zbyszko with a smile:

"The duchess wished me to tell you," said he, "that she will stay in Krakow over night, and will start on the journey tomorrow."

"That is well," said Zbyszko; "but why? Is anybody sick?"

"No. But the duchess has a visitor from Masovia."

"The prince himself?"

"Not the prince, but Jurand of Spychow," answered the courtier.
After hearing this, Zbyszko’s heart began to throb as it did when they read the death sentence to him.

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