Tuesday, April 1, 2008


But at that moment the same monk who had been there before entered the inn, and with him two others, older then him. The servants of the monastery carried behind them willow baskets which contained bottles of wine and some tidbits. The two monks greeted the duchess and again reproached her for not going directly to the abbey. She explained to them again, that having slept during the day, she was traveling at night for coolness, therefore she did not need any sleep, and as she did not wish to awaken the good abbot nor the monks, she preferred to stop in an inn to stretch her legs.

After exchange of pleasant words, it was finally agreed, that after the morning mass, the duchess with her court would have breakfast and rest in the monastery. The monks also invited the noblemen from Masovia and Krakow, and Macko of Bogdaniec who was going to the monastery anyway, to deposit his wealth acquired in the war and as a gift from Duke Witold. This treasure was destined to buy back the Bogdaniec estate. Young Zbyszko did not hear the invitation, because he had rushed to his wagon which was guarded by his servants, to procure better apparel for himself. He ordered his chests to be carried to a room in the inn and there he began to dress. First he hastily combed his hair and put it in a silk net ornamented with amber beads, and in the front with real pearls. Then he put on a coat of white silk embroidered with golden griffins, he put on a golden belt from which was hanging a small sword in an ivory scabbard ornamented with gold. Everything was new, shining and free of spots of blood, although it had been taken as booty from a knight who served with the Teutonic Knights. Then Zbyszko put on trousers, one part had red and green stripes, the other part, yellow and purple, and both ended at the top like a checkered chessboard. After that he put on red shoes with long points. Fresh and handsome he went into the room.

As he stood in the door, his appearance made a great impression. The duchess seeing now what a handsome knight had vowed to Danusia, was still more pleased. Danusia jumped toward him. But either the hansom look of the young man or the sounds of admiration from the courtiers caused her to pause before she reached him, she suddenly dropped her eyes and joining her hands together, begin to wring her fingers in confusion.
After her, others came closer: the duchess herself, the courtiers, the musicians and the monks. All wanted to see him. The young Masovian girls were looking at him as at a rainbow, each regretting that he had not chosen her. The older ones admired the costly dress. So, a circle of curious ones was formed around him. Zbyszko stood in the center with a boastful smile on his youthful face, and turned slightly, so that they could see him better.

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