Friday, March 7, 2008


Having said that, Macko of Bogdaniec, extended his palms, broad and huge - the others began to nod with approval saying:

"Yes, yes! It's true what he says!"

But further conversation was interrupted by a noise coming from outside. From afar they could hear singing, laughing and the snorting of horses. They were surprised because it was quite late. The innkeeper rushed outside and before the guests were able to drink their beer to the last drop, he returned shouting:

"Some kind of court is coming!"

A moment later, in the doorway appeared a footman dressed in a blue jacket and wearing a red folding cap. He stopped, glanced at the guests, and then having perceived the host, he said:

"Prepare the tables and bring more lights, the Duchess Anna Danuta will stop here for a rest."

Having said that, he withdrew. In the inn a great commotion began; the host called his servants, and the guests looked at one another with surprise.

"Duchess Anna Danuta," said one of the townsmen, "that’s Duke Janusz of Masovia' wife. She was in Krakow for two weeks, before she went to Zator to visit Duke Waclaw, and now she is coming back."

"Uncle Gamroth," said the other townsman, "let us go to the barn; the company is too high for us."

"I am not surprised that they are traveling during the night," said Macko, "because the days are hot; but why do they come to the inn when the monastery is so close?"

Here he turned toward Zbyszko:

"This is beautiful Ryngalla's sister?!"

And Zbyszko answered:
"There must be many Masovian ladies with her!"

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