Monday, March 3, 2008


And who counted that there were thirteen devils?" asked the merchant Gamroth, smartly.

"The Lithuanian counted them, when he saw them entering the bladder. It was evident that they were there because of the stench, and nobody dared to take out the peg."

"What wonders, what wonders!" exclaimed one of the nobles.

"I have seen many great wonders over there, because everything there is peculiar. They are shaggy and hardly any warlord combs his hair; they live on baked turnips, which they prefer to any other food, because supposedly bravery comes from eating them. They live in the dwellings with their cattle and snakes; they eat and drink excessively. They don’t respect married women, but greatly respect unmarried ones to whom they attribute great power. They say that if a girl rubs a man with dried herbs, it will stop colic."

"It may be worth to have colic, if the women are beautiful!" exclaimed Eyertreter.

"Ask Zbyszko about it," said Macko.

Zbyszko laughed at that so heartily that the bench began to shake beneath him.

"There are some beautiful ones," he said. "Wasn’t Ryngalla beautiful?"

"Quickly! Who is Ryngalla?”

"What? You haven't heard about Ryngalla?" asked Macko.

"We have not heard a word."

"But she was Duke Witold's sister, and the wife of Henryk, Duke of Masovia."

"You don't say! Which Duke Henryk? The only a Duke of Masovia by that name was a bishop of Plock and he died."

"That’s the same one. He expected a dispensation from Rome, but death gave him his dispensation, because evidently he did not pleased God with his actions.

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