Friday, February 29, 2008

Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 1 (1.1.01)

In Tyniec, a village located near the capital of Poland, Krakow, in the inn "Under Dreadful Urus", several people were sitting and listening to a soldier and his adventures from the last war.

The bearded man was middle aged, tall, muscular, lean, with broad shoulders. He wore his hair in a net ornamented with beads, was dressed in a leather jacket marked by the cuirass and wore a belt composed of brass buckles. In the belt he had a knife in a horn scabbard, and at his side a short traveling sword.

Next to him at the table, was sitting a young man with long hair and smiling eyes. Perhaps his comrade or a squire, because he also was dressed in a similar leather jacket marked by the cuirass. The rest of the company was composed of two noblemen from the vicinity of Krakow and of three townsmen with red folding caps.

The innkeeper, a German, dressed in a faded hood and serrated collar was serving them a beer. He was pouring it from a bucket into earthenware mugs while listening with great interest.

The burghers were listening intently. The hatred, which under the previous king had separated the middle class and the knighthood, had been very much quenched. Now, one would often see the merchants drinking with the knights like brothers. The burghers were always welcome, because having money easily available they usually paid for those who had coats of arms.

They were sitting there and talking, from time to time winking at the host to fill up the mugs.

"Noble knight, you have seen a good piece of the world,” said one of the merchants.

"Not many in the city have seen as much," replied the knight. "There will be plenty of them now," said the merchant. "There is to be a great feast for the king and the queen! The king has ordered the queen's chamber to be upholstered with golden brocade, embroidered with pearls, and a canopy of the same material over her. There will be such entertainments and tournaments, as we have never seen before."

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